Barry M Gelly Nail Polish Review

Barry M Gelly Nails
Barry M Gelly Nails in Rose Hip Swatch
Barry M Gelly Nails in Huckleberry Swatch
Barry M Gelly Nails – £3.99
After the success of the Gelly polishes last year Barry M released new pastel shades to coincide with the spring season and these have been super popular with bloggers and it’s no surprise. They’re gorgeous colours and at £3.99 a steal, so when I saw some swatches I knew I had to pick them up.

I opted for Huckleberry and Rose Hip, passing over Sugar Apple as it was too similar to Essie’s Mint Candy Apple, which I currently own.

Like all other Barry M polishes the brush is quite small, which I personally don’t like as I’m a bit rubbish at applying nail polish. The formulation is quite runny and I’m often wiping the brush on the inside of the bottle so I don’t get random blobs on my nails. It’s also weird as it’s quite thin but if you put on too much it goes horribly thick and gloopy which then takes an age to dry.

These pastel polishes definitely need more than one coat too, upon application it’s very sheer and also horribly streaky. A second coat though gives a lovely opaque even finish.

All things aside though I adore the pastel shades, they look so beautiful on the nails that they almost make me forget the horrendous application.
I also can’t really complain about the wear time as it’s comparable to most other polishes. I got away with 3-4 days of only tip wear on my smallest nail without a top coat which is fairly good.

I have to admit Barry M polishes aren’t my fave, I’m useless with the brush and these definitely cannot go without a second coat, however I absolutely adore the colours so I can overlook the negatives and I’ll be wearing these babies for months to come.

  1. I bought these two a month or so ago and I loooooove them but like you say definitely need two coats minimum! Mines chipped quickly though 🙁


    1. Oh no that’s not good! is that with a top coat too? I find they chip quicker on my right hand and on my index fingers, I’m not sure if that’s because I use them more but they didn’t fair too badly on my third and little fingers xx

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