Hey there
I guess it’s been a while, I’ve been busy with uni and work and I’ve been ill so this is only a very short blog but I thought I would blog about one of my beauty staples

Batiste Dry Shampoo.
This is literally a life saver, when I cant be bothered washing my hair this stuff comes to the rescue and makes my hair look fresh and clean again and it smells awesome too. It’s also really great for giving texture to your hair if you want to backcomb your hair and get volume for example. The other great thing about this is the price, it’s really not too expensive at all, which is great as I go through tons of this stuff!

Theyve brought out lots of new scents and types of this product now, as when I started there were only 3 types. The tropical one remains my favourite at the moment though. I haven’t tried the new ones but I have tried the original and blush, both I wasn’t fond of the smell but I might try the volume one next time.

batiste batiste dry shampoo
dry shampoo