Glitzy Secrets Review

Glitzy Secrets
Glitzy Secrets Garland of Pearls Headband
Glitzy Secrets Garland of Pearls Headband
Glitzy Secrets long hair style
Glitzy Secrets Garland of Pearls Headband
Glitzy Secrets updo style

Garland of Pearls Headband – £26*

I was recently contacted by a company called Glitzy Secrets asking me if I’d like to review an item from their collection and style it to celebrate the release of Grace of Monaco film.

I’ve never heard of the company before but after looking on their website I was impressed. They have some absolutely stunning items and it was very difficult to choose. I eventually opted for this Garland of Pearls Headband as I thought it would probably be quite versatile with different hairstyles and something I would wear. I also thought the headband looked quite understated and elegant which I thought was quite apt for the style of Princess Grace.

In terms of the headband itself, although it is metal it’s quite comfy and doesn’t dig in behind your ears which is good as you can wear it all day without having to constantly arrange it and it’s not too heavy on my head. It looks so lovely on and whether you have your hair down or up, it finishes off a style with a bit of lux and elegance without being over the top.

They have some beautiful accessories and I definitely think I will be checking out their website again if I need something extra special for an occasion, such as a wedding.

* This item was sent to me for my consideration, all opinions are my own.


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