A Little Catch Up and A Few Things I’ve Learnt About Decorating

“Where have you been?” I hear you cry. Well since my last post some six or seven weeks ago, decorating has taken over my life – or at least my weekends, punctuated by a lovely break to Scotland a month ago. I’m struggling to get into any kind of blog routine at present. Days seem to go in the blink

Home Interior Wishlist

Hello I’m back! I’ve been on holiday and I’ve had a hectic few weeks with appointments and things but today I’ve got a lust-worthy interior wishlist for you. Spring is officially here and I am obsessed with DIY and doing up our house. My plan this year is to get our bedrooms decorated so we are starting with the office

Event: Wine Tasting at Bakerie – NQ Manchester

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a wine tasting event at Bakerie in the Northern Quarter, and of course I didn’t hesitate to say yes! The extent of my wine palate is I have to say rather poor. In fact I have one bottle of Rose that I stick to (Gallo Family Zinfandel if you must know)

Freshen up your bedroom this Spring

There’s something about Spring that urges people to have a mini overhaul of their life – perhaps it’s the lighter evenings, or the increasing temperature? Something prompts us to change things up a bit, have a tidy and a good old clear out. I love having a good Spring clean. I’ve already been busy this last few weeks, sorting out

Why I’ve Become a Kitchen Gardener

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m getting older (and one naturally becomes interested in hobbies of the retired – lawn bowls and the like), or because I’ve been watching a lot of River Cottage lately but I’ve become really interested in gardening; well not just gardening but becoming a smallholder. Yep Hugh Furly-Wurly as he’s affectionately named in our

Recipe: Five Minute Guacamole

I absolutely love avocados and guacamole, I must make it at least once a week I cannot get enough of the stuff. Guacamole is so tasty, quick to throw together and great to use as a snack with some vegetable dips or if you’re feeling naughty some tortilla chips. I also love using it to cool down a spicy chilli,