Recipe: Tomato and Chilli Jam

Tomato and Chilli Jam

If you’ve been following my instagram, you’ll see that I’ve been flexing my green fingers this year and growing some tomatoes. It’s gone well…a little too well as I’ve got rather a glut of tomatoes on my hands now. I’d say I’ve probably harvested about 3kg since August which is a lot!. So as well as having copious amounts of home made tomato sauce I decided to make some delicious tomato and chilli jam which I’d made last Christmas and had gone down a storm. I’ll be handing these out again this Christmas as they make really nice home made gifts.
This recipe is adapted from the BBC website, I could have made my own version but this one is so good that I thought “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.
I’ve used a bigger ratio of cherry tomatoes to plum, simply because of cherry tomatoes coming out of my ears, and I’ve omitted the ginger as, well I didn’t have any and it tastes pretty good without.

tomato chilli jam ingredients

making tomato chilli jam


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