Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
Rimmel wake me up foundation swatch
Rimmel wake me up foundation swatch
wearing rimmel wake me up foundation

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation – £8.99

Originally I had a sample of the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation which I got free in one of my magazines and I absolutely hated it, because like many magazines, they offer samples of foundations which are simply too dark!

However I was browsing the supermarket yesterday when I saw this again, and it was on a good deal. They had a tester of the right colour and when I tested it out it changed my mind completely, so I decided to purchase it.

It comes in a glass bottle with a plastic lid, and there is a pump dispenser for the foundation inside.

I personally think it has a lovely smell, which is quite fruity and I found it smooth and very easy to apply and blend. It does give a nice medium coverage and I suddenly wondered after applying it whether I’d made a huge mistake as it looked quite dewy and my skin is oily enough without any extra shine. However a couple of minutes after applying, while I was putting on concealer I noticed it had dried to quite a matte finish which I was pleased about. I still applied a little powder over the top to keep any shine away. There is a shimmer in it which in some lights does look quite glittery, however I only noticed this on the swatch on my hand rather than on my actual face.

Overall this foundation has actually exceeded my initial expectations and will be a nice rotation with my Mac foundation.

Handy Tip! If you want to try out new products from brands such as Maxfactor, Rimmel, Loreal & Maybelline then buy them from the supermarkets. They usually have an introductory price that is so much cheaper.