beauty samples from nuxe, dhc, manuka doctor, kerastase and aromatherapy associates

Over the last few months or so I seem to have accumulated a lot of samples, mainly because I’m so bad at using them I’m such a hoarder. I love samples as they’re a great way of trying out something before parting with your hard earned cash, especially more expensive products.

Kerastase Shampoo and conditioner
I nabbed these by heading on over to their Facebook page and inputting my details. I probably should try these out as I’ve been sitting on them for a while now but they just look so luxurious. I think I may save these for a special occasion, I have a wedding coming up this summer.

Manuka Doctor Set
Manuka Doctor are doing an amazing offer where you can try a set of their samples if you pay the postage of £2.99. I opted for this one rather than the other as I’ve tried the serum (which I love!) and I thought this one would be quite exciting to use. I think again I may save this for a special occasion (I’m a hoarder what can I say) but I think I will give the face mask a test run beforehand as I don’t want to have to cover up a red face!!

Nuxe Face and Eye Cream
I’m not sure where I picked these up from, I believe it was one of the beauty websites, feel unique, escentual, beauty bay?… which they kindly popped in when I ordered from them. I’ve not tried anything from Nuxe bar the Reve de Miel lip balm which I have to say is awesome so I’m hoping these will be good too!

Aromatherapy Associates Travel Set
I recently picked these up in an issue of Marie Claire. I’ve been wanting to try Aromatherapy Associates for a while and I have to say I haven’t been disappointed. So far I’ve tried the face mask and the cleanser and I absolutely love them both. I hope to pick them both up at some point in the near future but I’m still gathering up the courage to part with the money *cries*

Ok I have many many samples from DHC but they’re so generous!! They send me samples with each catalogue, plus when I picked up their Deep Cleansing Oil a few months ago I got to pick 4 free samples then too! I have to say I’ve been a bad beauty blogger and not tried these yet but I think I will, especially now as I have a few duplicates.

What beauty samples are knocking about in your drawers?


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