A Little Lush Christmas Haul

lush bath goodies

I think the Christmas collection from Lush is probably one of the biggest reasons I shop there, so when I saw this year’s offering, I definitely had to get my hands on some of their festive bath products.

Dashing Santa Bath Bomb
I didn’t get to try out the dashing santa bath bomb last year, so I decided I definitely needed to try this out this year.

Snow Angel Bath Melt
I purchased this bath bomb last year, so I was glad to see this one back again this year. I had reservations as I dislike marzipan but after using this I decided I definitely needed another this year.

Five Gold Rings Bubble Bar
I believe this is a new one for 2015 and it’s gimmicky enough to immediately draw me in. I also like how there are five individual rings so that equals five luxurious baths over the Christmas period.

The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar
When I saw this on the stand in Lush, I knew I had to pick one up. I’ve never tried a reusable bubble bar so this is a first for me but I love how it uses a cinnamon stick as a wand and is studded with cloves and star anise. It oozes Christmassiness so I cannot wait to use this over the festive period.

Stardust Bath Bomb
Another new one this year, and I quite liked the look of it despite it being less glitzy than the other bath bombs I’d picked up. Sometimes simple is best and I might possibly need a break from all these glittery bath bombs…not bloody likely

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar
This one is the odd one out of the bunch, being a Halloween themed bubble bar but I grabbed this one last year and really liked it so I purchased it again this year to indulge in this Halloween and it didn’t disappoint. You can read my review of the Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar here.

Have you picked any Lush Christmas goodies up yet this year?


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