Alpha-H Liquid Gold Review

alpha-h liquid gold
Alpha-H Liquid Gold – £31.50 for 30ml

I’ve been sitting on this review of Alpha-H Liquid Gold for quite some time now, mainly because I wanted to give it chance to work, but also because I couldn’t really see any remarkable difference and felt quite underwhelmed and disappointed. However the longer I’ve been using it the more I’ve come to like it.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold is a treatment containing Glycolic Acid which is an AHA. It is a resurfacing and firming treatment to help diminish wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage. It contains silk proteins, licorice extract and Glycolic Acid and exfoliates the skin to leave a brighter, clearer complexion.

Ok I’ll say this now, this product is seriously hyped up, so if like me you are expecting it to perform miracles on your skin, well you’ll be disappointed. It doesn’t miraculously remove acne scars (if sessions with a nurse and a dermaroller can’t then I seriously doubt that a little OTC glycolic acid will). Saying that though it’s far from a useless product, in fact it’s very good at what it is originally aimed to do, it’s just been hyped up too much.

I apply at night and it tingles a bit, especially around my nose but it’s not uncomfortable or irritating. It also doesn’t dry my skin out either. I don’t have dry skin at all but I’ve used this on Harry (begrudgingly) and the dry skin on his face had completely disappeared and he woke up with lovely skin.

When I wake up the day after applying it my skin is soft and smooth and I notice that it’s brighter, more even and with repeated use it helps to fade my post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (red) marks. Now I always notice the difference after I’ve used this, my skin just looks better and more even.

One thing you have to be careful with is that after using this product you should use an SPF as it makes your skin more photosensitive and those marks and sun damage you just got rid of will be back and so much worse.

I definitely will be repurchasing, I’m really happy with the difference it makes to my skin when I’ve used it. Yes it is expensive and I do use it very sparingly, ensuring I don’t waste a drop but I’ve not found anything on the market that works in a similar way for cheaper.


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