Autumn/Winter Fashion Wishlist #1

autumn winter 2014 fashion
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We are officially into September, summer is practically over, shops are displaying new stock and I’m starting to think about new items of clothing to keep me warm this upcoming season.
There’s lots of new trends for Autumn/Winter and some of them are already being reflected on the high street, so I’ve picked a few on trend pieces and a few staples to get you through.

1. New Look Cape
The Blanket cape style cardigans are going to be hot this A/W season. I quite like the length of this one as longer styles can drown me with being so small but this looks just right. Also it’ll be great to wrap up in once the nights start getting cooler and you’re huddled around a bonfire sipping hot chocolate and watching the fireworks- bliss!

2. Topshop Rose Texture Midi Skirt
I love midi skirts I think they look so chic. Also with this bright floral one it’ll definitely be on trend this Autumn/Winter. I have to be quite careful with midi pieces as because I’m so petite, often midi skirts end up being much much longer so if you’re looking for a midi skirt and you’re not blessed with enviously long legs it’s worth checking out the petite section.

3. Topshop Leigh Jeans
I said a few months back that I wasn’t a jeans person, until I fell in love with the Tile Print Leigh jeans from Topshop. Now that the days are getting cooler, I’ll be wanting to cover my legs up more and I think these will look cute with some winter boots.

4. Topshop Lace Collar Top
I love lace tops so this one was right up my street, it’s really girly but it’s also quite different as it’s grey, which is right on trend for this season.

5. Miss Selfridge Leather Jacket
A leather jacket is one I’m particularly interested in as I need a replacement for my current one. This one looks so comfy and will definitely add some toughness so would be great with a girly outfit.


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