Avon Glazewear Silky Shine Lipstick- Coral Bliss Review

Avon Glazewear Silky Lipstick
Avon Glazewear Silky Lipstick
Avon Glazewear swatch
Avon Glazewear

Avon Coral Bliss Glazewear Lipstick – £3
I actually bought this last year and put it in one of the pockets of my summer jackets, which haven’t seen the light of day until yesterday -oops!

Anyway when I found this I was delighted as I actually love this product. I don’t know why I’m always really funny about coral as a colour, I think it’s because I always picture coral as this bright garish colour which is going to look awful on me because I’m so pale.

However when I tried this on I actually found myself loving the colour, it’s a lovely alternative to a nude or pink colour without being too overbearing for the daytime.

Avon do 5 shades and I picked Coral Bliss obviously.

It’s very smooth and moisturising so it’s easy to swipe across your lips and get a lovely wash of colour, in fact it’s more like a lipbalm than a lipstick. It also doesn’t dry your lips out either which is always a bonus. The finish is very creamy and quite glossy.
Another nice bit is the packaging, it’s quite small and thin so you can pop in your handbag and I personally like the gold shiny exterior as it’s so easy to spot amongst all the crap I have in my handbag.

One fault to find is sometimes it goes a bit sort of bitty as if there’s pieces of skin in it. I personally find the colour doesn’t last as long really, probably only a couple of hours before you need to reapply.

Overall though it’s a lovely lipstick which isn’t too heavy and it’s a bargain!

What do you think of Avon? Have you tried any of their Glazewear products?


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