Belif Natural Cosmetics (part 1) Review

Until I was contacted by the company, I’d never heard of Belif or Napiers- the company who supply the ingredients- however I decided to give them a go as I’m always interested in trying new things and new natural cosmetics, which are becoming more and more popular in the beauty world. In all these products there is no Mineral oil, Synthetic fragrance, Synthetic dyes, Synthetic preservatives or Animal-origin ingredients.

Napiers was founded in 1860 by a herbalist and they sell natural beauty products, and after researching the company a little more I actually found out the Napiers group own a shop in the town I grew up in which was very interesting. The beauty brand belif combines their founder, Duncan Napier’s original skin care expertise and the best of modern natural cosmetic science. There are 11 skin formulas – each for a different skin type – using herbs packed full of active ingredients to form the base of each product.

The company were very generous with their samples so I shall do this review in two or three parts so not to bombard you with information. They also came in this lovely bag which is beautifully patterned.
Napiers Belif set

Belif The True Cream Moisturising Bomb
The True Cream Moisturising Bomb*
First of all I do like the packaging, it’s small and light so it’s easy to pop in your bag and carry around with you. However I have to say I had NO idea what the product was, maybe I was being a little dim but honestly I wasn’t sure. It didn’t help that the instructions on the back were either Korean or Taiwenese (not sure which, don’t speak either language) so I think although the packaging is clean and simple, it’s a little too clean and simple.

The product is described as a 26-hour moisturizing cream which keeps the skin soft and smooth with Comfrey Leaf extract.It hydrates the skin while controlling and absorbing oil where needed, optimising the skin’s water-oil balance. It doesn’t really have much of a smell to be honest, quite plain with a hint of herbal, but not overpowering.
For something that claims to moisturise for 26 hours the formula is surprisingly light, the cream isn’t thick and you don’t need to apply a lot. However I did find that it took quite a while to sink in and I found my face was tacky for much longer than other moisturisers which I didn’t like, so this is a drawback for me and I wouldn’t probably use this in the mornings when I’m in a hurry. This also had me worried because I thought something that took that long to sink in would surely make my face a complete grease ball and make my makeup slide off, but surprisingly my face stayed matte for quite a long time, in fact probably longer than usual.

As for the 26 hour moisturising claim, the jury is still out on that one as my skin isn’t overly dry anyway, but it did feel soft all day.

Overall: Good for oil control, but expensive and takes a while to sink in.

Belif True Cream Moisturising Bomb
The True Cream – Aqua Bomb*
This product is described as an invigorating gel type cream that supplies instant moisture to the skin while forming a protective layer that wraps the skin in comfort. Again I liked the packaging but was really confused by what it was, especially the ‘replenished water content’ on the front. The formula was again quite light and gel-like- like the moisturising bomb- but with a slight blue tint, it also has quite a masculine smell to it, but is pleasant. However I found this product took so long to sink in, probably over half an hour, so my face felt horribly tacky for ages which I did not like at all.

The product claims to improve skin elasticity but I can’t comment on this as I’m reluctant to carry on using it because of the aforementioned tackiness.
Overall, didn’t like this product at all, the idea was good but my face was sticky for too long, I definitely wouldn’t recommend this for any oily skinned girls.

Would appeal to you if: you have dry skin (or maybe normal? who knows?)

Belif Sugar Coat Lip Balm
Sugar Coat Lip Balm*
Finally, packaging I could get. Its very obvious this is lip balm, not just because it says it on the tin! I love the little string attached as well, which you could hook onto your keyring so you’ve got lip balm everywhere you go! Sugar Coat Lip Balm is a treatment with the herbal ingredient Chickweed to leave the lips healthy and hydrated so that they look silky and glossy as if they were sugar-glazed.

It has a herbal type smell, I can’t really describe it any other way, which is probably attributed to the bitter orange oil used. Its soft and easy to apply and it’s tingly, but not in a Soap and Glory lip plumping burn your lips off way.

My lips did feel soft afterwards, and it sinks in nicely not so it’s all gone, but it doesn’t sit on your lips and stay sticky like Vaseline or other barrier type lipbalm does.
I’ll probably carry on using this until it runs out as it is quite different from other lipbalms I’ve used in that it’s a hydrator as opposed to a barrier type lipbalm. Whether I’ll repurchase is another matter, I’m still on the fence. It is cheaper than Lush (which are currently retailing their lipbalms at £5.75 for 8g, while Belif retail the sugar coat lipbalm for £8.50 for 15g) but it may not appeal to those who like their scented lipbalm.

Overall, like the packaging, my lips are really soft after using this and does have a slight tingly action too which isn’t too overpowering, but may not appeal to those who prefer heavily scented lipbalms.

Would appeal to you if: you like natural products and not really bothered about scent or your lips tasting like bubblegum/cherry/vanilla/insertflavourhere

So far I’m fairly impressed with the products, I do like the moisturising bomb and the lip balm. I’m not keen on the aqua bomb at all though. I’m not sure whether I’ll purchase the full size products to be honest. Perhaps my mind will change as I continue to use the products but they are fairly expensive.

The products can be purchased from Napiers and The Aqua Bomb and The Moisturising Bomb both retail for £25 for 50ml and the lip balm retails for £8.50 for 15g.

I was sent these samples for consideration*


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