Belif Natural Cosmetics (part 2) Review

As promised, here are the remaining products I was very kindly sent. If you didn’t read the first one, then you can find it here.

Belif Hungarian Water Essence
Hungarian Water Essence*
This is actually my favourite of the lot, which makes me think that my skin is probably more suited to the essence’s rather than the cream. I like that it’s a pump action bottle and it’s a light clear almost sort of liquid that comes out. It’s a lot lighter than the other creams I’ve tried but still moisturising and it did absorb into my skin quicker than the others. The Hungarian water essence is £26.50 for 75ml

Belif The True Anti Aging Essence
The true anti-aging essence*
Like with a lot of the other packaging, I didn’t really understand it, especially the emollient in Calendula cream phase. You do have to give it a little shake up before using it as it is a kind of emulsion made from the two principal ingredients: calendula and acai berry, which is well known for it’s anti-oxidant properties. This is also one of Belif’s biggest selling products. I can’t comment on the claims that it prevents anti aging, that may have to come later in a re-review, but for now, it’s quite a nice product, the formulation is quite loose so it does literally just pour out like water. I also found it took a bit longer than the Hungarian water essence to sink in, but it does leave your skin feeling really soft. It’s also got a slightly different and lighter scent than the others which I quite like too. This retails for £26.50 for 75ml

Belif The Balm Almighty
Belif The Balm Almighty
The Balm Almighty*
I really like the packaging on this, and again the little added string for putting on your keyring is a nice touch. I like the idea of this product, but I found it wasn’t thick enough (ironically!) as it can be used anywhere on the body, and i’ve been using it on my elbows as they get so so dry. I don’t like the scent at all, it’s a mixture of Lavender and wax crayons which isn’t pleasant, but if it’s not going on your lips I suppose it doesn’t matter. To be honest even though it was fairly softening on my elbows, it wasn’t quite up to the job in comparison to other things I pop on those pesky dry bits. I don’t think I’d purchase the full size of this as I have other products that smell nicer and do a better job and are cheaper. The balm almighty retails for £13.25 for 30g.

Belif Samples
Classic Essence Increment*
Classic essence increment is another essence by Belif. It helps moisturise and improve the resilience of thin or delicate skin. It’s another thinner formulation than the others with it being an essence. Although it has a scent at first, when it dries it goes odourless. My skin feels soft afterwards but I’m unsure if it feels like it’s sitting on my skin rather than being absorbed. Classic Essence Increment is £26.50 for 50ml

First aid Anti-Hangover Soothing Mask*
I love the idea of this product. Unfortunately I’ve had no cause to use this so I can’t comment on the effectiveness of reducing a hangover, but I reckon this is definitely worth a go. At £13.75 for 50ml it is a little pricey, so probably not going to last very long if you go out drinking most weekends.

Napiers Cream
Napiers Herbal Tea Tree & Goldenseal Balancing Cream*
Only a small sample of this, but I wouldn’t purchase the full size of this. I found it quite thick and difficult to absorb into my skin and although it can be used on other parts of the body besides the face, I don’t really suffer from oily skin elsewhere so it would be a bit pointless. The tea tree in this is also very strong, like pure tea tree oil, which props to Napiers for using it and not diluting it like other companies do, but because it comes through so strongly it evokes memories of being de-loused as a child and using tea tree oil on my hair. The Tea Tree & Goldenseal Face Cream retails for £8.00 for 60ml

Napiers Herbal Calendula Flower Cream*
Napiers Herbal Calendula Flower Cream is quite a thick yellowish cream. It’s unscented as it’s made for those with sensitive skin, so perhaps this could rival Simple products. I was quite impressed as well by how few ingredients there were, in comparison to some others I tried. Like some of the others the absorption wasn’t instantaneous but it did leave my skin feeling soft. I think this product would be great for dry skin that’s also sensitive, as I feel that the thickness of the cream would just have problems with oily skin. It’s thicker than ‘Simple moisturisers’ so probably more of a night time intensive moisturiser. It would also be great for those who like unscented products. Napiers Herbal Calendula Flower Cream retails for £9.50 for 60ml

Napiers Herbal Age Defiance Corrective Skin Cream*
At the tender age of 22 I don’t really have age spots or (much) sun damage as I am careful about my sun exposure (I have an inherent fear of wrinkles, I’d much rather fake it than bake!) so I can’t comment on the effectiveness of this cream. However it seems to be absorbed quite quickly and my skin feels quite soft afterwards. I don’t care for the smell much, I think it’s the Rose Geranium which puts me off because I’ve had other products I’ve disliked the smell of and that’s been the common ingredient. The Age Defiance Corrective Cream is £9.50 for 60ml.

All the products featured can be purchased here

*PR Samples sent to me for consideration.


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