Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner Review

Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner
Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner Swatch
I don’t often write such negative reviews of products, mainly because usually it’s only a couple of things that let it down, or that it just simply isn’t the product for me. However I have to admit that when it came to ‘Benefit They’re Real’ Push Up liner, I struggled not to completely slate it.

I received this liner as part of a set and was eager to give it a go seeing as there had been so much hype surrounding it but I was quite disappointed. I can see what they’re trying to do and it’s a good idea, but it just doesn’t work in practice. Anyway I’ll start with the good points.

I like the tube and the fact it has a twist up bottom which means you shouldn’t waste any as you twist up as much as you need. It’s also very soft, super pigmented and does stay on all day without smudging. I also like the shape of the nib as it does help get that signature feline flick. However that’s where it ends for me I’m afraid.

The nib is quite flexible which is good in a way, but is also its downfall as the flexibility means it starts bending every which way and you just don’t have any control meaning you don’t end up getting as neat a line and looks really uneven. Also if you haven’t twisted enough product out it can rub out what you’ve already applied making a big ole’ mess.
The formula dries pretty quickly too so if you’ve made a mistake (which you probably have with a nib that has a mind of its own) or missed a bit out that’s too bad you then have to start scrubbing your eye with a cotton bud and you pretty much have to start your entire eye makeup again.

Also sometimes the liner gets stuck in the nib. I kept twisting and twisting and nothing came out, so then I gave the nib a little squeeze and liner exploded everywhere getting all over my hands and amounting to me throwing a few quid down the drain.

Personally I think They’re Real is a good idea poorly executed. I’m no eyeliner expert but this makes it difficult and more time consuming to apply liner, there’s not much control and I spend more time cleaning up mistakes rather than applying the actual liner. I really wouldn’t waste your money.


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