Bioderma Sebium Mat Moisturising Mattifying Fluid Review

Bioderma Sebium Mat Moisturising Mattifying Fluid
Bioderma Sebium Mat Moisturising Mattifying Fluid
Bioderma Sebium Mat Moisturising Mattifying Fluid – £11.50

The Bioderma Sebium Mat Moisturising Fluid was another little purchase I made while I was taking a much needed break in France. Having been impressed with other products I’d tried in Bioderma’s range I thought this would fill my currently vacant daily moisturiser gap (I’m so naughty I know, but my others ran out and I was waiting to visit France for this!)

The Moisturising Mattifying fluid contains zinc gluconate and vitamin B6 to regulate sebium production, while their “Fluidactiv” complex prevents the pores from becoming blocked. Also it’s claimed that ‘Keratoregulating agents (AHA esters) speed up cellular renewal, tightening the pores and making for an improved skin texture’.

It’s very lightweight and sinks into the skin quickly so by the time I’ve done my eye makeup it’s sank in and primed my skin so that my makeup doesn’t slide off. It also smells wonderfully fresh like melon, which I love!

In terms of it living up to it’s claim of helping makeup stay on and control oil throughout the day, well it kind of lets me down there. Let’s get things straight, it doesn’t make me oily but nor does it make me miraculously matte-perfect skinned. I think the whole point of it really is to not exacerbate the situation, of which I’m sure there’s other moisturisers out there that do the same thing for cheaper. That being said, as I mentioned earlier it doesn’t make me any oilier and it doesn’t clog my pores; in fact I think they’ve been a little better this month (aside from this second chin I’m currently sporting) so it definitely does have its benefits.

The one thing about this moisturiser that I don’t particularly care for is it’s gratuitous use of silicones. Whilst this moisturiser leaves your skin silky soft and smooth, glossing over any lumps and bumps like fresh plaster on a wall, I’m just not entirely sure I like the fact it’s soft because of those silicones. Nonetheless I can forgive Bioderma for this…just.

All in all it’s a pretty good moisturiser, it’s light hydrating and fresh plus it doesn’t clog my pores but as for reducing oil production, well it doesn’t really live up to that claim in all honesty but I think it would take something industrial to stop the amount of oil my chin pumps out.


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