Bioderma Sebium Micellar Solution Review

Bioderma Sebium Micellar Solution

A few weeks ago, on the hunt for a body clay, I stumbled across a 20% off sale on Escentual and finally caved and purchased the Bioderma Sebium micellar solution.
My reasoning for choosing this over the original? Well I have oily skin and with its ‘sebo-correcting Fluidactiv complex’ I couldn’t see a reason why not.

Bioderma Sebium is a soap free formula, which is great as soap can be harsh and drying on all types of skin. It is a non-comedogenic cleanser, meaning it doesn’t clog your pores (hurrah!!) and removes impurities using ‘micelles’, which micro-emulsify and remove impurities without drying the skin out.

It’s also hypoallergenic so you oily skinned beauties who happen to suffer the misfortune of sensitive skin (like me) as well can rest assured that it’ll cleanse your skin thoroughly and keep those breakouts at bay without irritating your skin.
However, a note of caution: Bioderma Sebium is slightly coloured and scented. For those with (very) sensitive skin it may not be suitable so please don’t take my word as gospel that it won’t affect your skin in a negative way. Saying that the scent isn’t bad, slightly soapy and I think reminiscent of sun cream.

It however applies and works like a dream. If you’ve never tried a micellar solution before, it’s not oily at all. Bioderma leaves your skin so soft and clean, and it actually does feel very fresh and cleansed afterwards. Furthermore it removes your makeup so easily, I found I needed less cotton pads and used less pressure to remove my makeup. It was also suitable on my eyes too, I had no stinging or redness, which my La Roche Posay one has been doing lately if I used too much.

I haven’t yet attempted to use it with heavy makeup/waterproof makeup, so we will see if it stands up to that test, however on daily makeup it’s amazing.

It says to use it twice daily, however it’s a little too expensive for me to indulge in that, but I do use it to remove my makeup, which is once daily.

Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend Bioderma Sebium. If you’re looking for a micellar solution that’s suitable for oily skin, this is the one. Yes it’s a little on the expensive side, but I definitely think it is worth the hype the bloggers have been giving it, and it will be replacing my La Roche Posay solution and going in my collection permanently.

On an irrelevant sidenote:
I also came across another use for Bioderma whilst away at my boyfriend’s family home. I got some fake tan on their brand new carpet (ARGH PANIC!) and I wasn’t sure what to do, so I tried some Bioderma on a cotton pad and blotted the carpet with it and hey presto! it removed the stain. This stuff is amazing! not just on your face, it removes fake tan stains too! who knew???

Bioderma Sebium can be purchased from Escentual for £4.50 for 100ml or £9.99 for 250ml.


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