Bourjois 10 day Nail Polish in #25 Review

Bourjois Sweet Paris Collection #25

I decided I would give this a fair go as it claims to last 10 days and it is claimed to not chip, but after 5 days I decided I would write this post.

I bought this little beauty in a 3 for 2 offer at Boots. This colour was part of Bourjois’ New Sweet Paris Spring collection. I was torn between both of the new shades, but I opted for this one as it looked different to the other nail polishes I owned, (believe me I own so many purple nail polishes) and I thought it looked amazing on the model on the advert.

It is a lovely colour, although I can’t quite pinpoint it exactly. In some lights it looks orange, in others it resembles more of a pinky corally colour. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s coral/pink in natural light, and more of an orange in artificial light, but I think that’s one of things I love about this polish. The colour really doesn’t present itself in the pictures because my camera had difficulties picking up the true colour.

Bourjois Nail #25

Bourjois Nail Polish #25

I’ll be honest, the first time I applied this nail polish, I thought it was shit. It was thick, it blobbed everywhere, the brush was awkward and to top it off it peeled off in the bath!

However I did decide to give it another go. I’m still not fond of the brush, it’s meant to help you do touch ups and generally make your nails look amazingly polished but for the who are inept with a brush like myself, I found it hindered me.
I feel the brush holds FAR too much, I had to constantly brush lots off on the neck of the bottle because it was dripping. I could also use one application for all the nails there was that much polish on the brush.

It does cover the nail in one coat, which I did like, although I did use two coats out of habit. It gives a lovely creamy glossy finish which I like. However I did notice with a couple of my nails, little bubbles appeared on the first coat (not the second).I’ve never experienced this before and I hadn’t shaken the polish (I don’t anyway I roll them). A bad batch? I don’t know.

As for the nail polish claiming it lasts 10 days, well it probably does, but I don’t know what state it would be in by then. I think it does live up to its 3 day minimum claim however, as it did last abut 3 days before it started chipping. There was some tipwear but then again I hadn’t applied a topcoat.

Overall, I like this nail polish. Although it doesn’t last 10 days it lasts longer than nail polishes generally seem to do on me. It’s a fabulous spring colour to be wearing. The only drawback is the brush, which I felt is just cumbersome and held too much product. Another was the random bubbles on my nails, but again, I’m not sure if this was just a bad batch.

Rating: 8/10

You can buy this at Boots for Β£5.99


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