Recipe: Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie Recipe

After making pumpkin pie for many years and falling absolutely in love with it, I wanted to try another American classic – Pecan Pie. It seems to be quite a tradition to make it around traditionally ‘thanksgiving’ time which I believe is soon (I’m not American so I’m not 100%)  so a few weeks ago I attempted to make this…

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Degustabox October

Degustabox October

I’m always happy to receive my Degustabox each month, I love the idea of receiving lots of different foods as I am quite a keen foodie. This month I was mostly happy with my box although there were a few items I would swap out and I was a little disappointed there were no drinks in my box this month….

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Recipe: Homemade Scones

After coming back from my holidays I found I was left with some sour milk. As I’m not one for wasting food if I can help it I decided to turn them into some delicious scones. In case you didn’t know, sour milk is really good for making scones. Now I’m not advocating you deliberately let milk go off as…

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My Recipe Book Collection

It may seem one of the stranger posts I’ve done but it came to me with a flash of inspiration so go with me on this. As I’ve said before I enjoy cooking and I’m always perusing BBC Good Food, Weight Watchers or delving into my cookbooks to get meal ideas, so I thought I’d share with you some of…


September Degustabox

Here I am with another Degustabox review! It really feels like these monthly boxes come around so fast! I’m really enjoying these boxes, I love receiving the package at work and seeing what exciting goodies I get each month. I love trying out all the new stuff even if my cupboards are now overflowing with food! So onto this month’s…

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Recipe: Apple Tart

I had a glut of apples that were a bit past their best recently and rather than opting for the usual apple crumble I decided to do something slightly different and make an apple tart. I love pastry so it was a no brainer to make a tart. This recipe I adapted from BBC Good Food is super quick and easy, so…

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