Christmas Gift Guide Series 2014

(Source) I cannot believe we are in November, where has this year gone? I can remember putting these gift guides together last year, which you can check out here for extra ideas: Gift Guide for Her Gift Guide for Him Gift Guide for Food Lovers Homemade gift ideas Gift Guide under £10 Gift Guide under £5 I love putting together…

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Recipe: Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie Recipe

After making pumpkin pie for many years and falling absolutely in love with it, I wanted to try another American classic – Pecan Pie. It seems to be quite a tradition to make it around traditionally ‘thanksgiving’ time which I believe is soon (I’m not American so I’m not 100%)  so a few weeks ago I attempted to make this…

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Weight Loss Wednesday #10 – Changing my relationship with food

(Source) Week 10: Weight Loss: 1.5lb I haven’t done a post on weight loss in a while, purely because my diet had gone to pot of late through stress, exhaustion and general life problems which I will touch on in another post, so it didn’t seem worthwhile me documenting weekly how terrible I’d eaten and how my weight hadn’t shifted….

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Homeware: Wishlist #2

Homeware Wishlist

1. Jo Malone Candle 2. Poppy Placemats 3. Billy Bookcase 4. Micke Desk 5. Paris Canvas Print It’s been a little while since I last shared a homeware themed wishlist, but there’s something about October to me that says “start nesting for winter”. Combined with my bedroom shake up last weekend (which involved bleach and a bruised knee) it made…

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Photography Workshop Event with Manchester Photographic and #LightsCameraCurrys

A good number of weeks ago an email popped in my inbox asking if I’d like to attend a photography workshop at Manchester Photographic School as part of #LightsCameraCurrys and my immediate response was hell yeah, I mean who would pass up the opportunity to learn more about their camera at Manchester’s only independent photography school. I don’t think I’m…

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Recipe: Homemade Scones

After coming back from my holidays I found I was left with some sour milk. As I’m not one for wasting food if I can help it I decided to turn them into some delicious scones. In case you didn’t know, sour milk is really good for making scones. Now I’m not advocating you deliberately let milk go off as…

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