Cattier Green Clay Face Mask Review

Cattier Green Clay Face Mask
Cattier Green Clay Face Mask swatch

The Cattier Green Clay Face Mask was another item I picked up while I was away. I’d done some scouting around before I went to France and saw that Amelia had recommended the Cattier Yellow Clay Mask, however I decided to pick up the Green Clay Mask as my skin is oily – that and it was the last one on the shelf – so I felt I needed to grab it with both hands.

The mask itself only contains natural organic ingredients and actually the ingredients list is very short so I was quite confident that it wouldn’t irritate my sensitive skin. It also has a faint smell of peppermint – a bit like chewing gum – which I’ve not decided if I like or not, but as it’s unobtrusive I can live with it.

It has a lovely smooth soft texture to it and very easy to apply and remove. It’s also slightly different from other masks I’ve used in the way that you aren’t supposed to let it fully dry. I think this is quite a good idea especially if you find clay masks can sometimes strip your skin.

I cannot believe how cheap this mask is as well. I picked it up in a bit of a flurry of excitement when I was going around the pharmacy but when I checked my receipt and it came to €3.10 I was impressed. You don’t get such a good face mask over here for that price!

The only little thing that lets this otherwise fantastic mask down is that it’s quite thin in texture, so I feel like you have to use quite a bit in order to cover your face properly with a good layer. However as it’s really affordable I can justify probably using it more recklessly than say, with my Origins face masks.

It’s a real shame you can’t get it over here as I definitely would pick this up again so I might have to ask my auntie to send me some over when I run out, or perhaps I’ll stock up the next time I gallivant off to France. If you are in France I definitely recommend you pick it up, it was very gentle and really lovely to use with the bonus being that it was a steal!


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