Changing your skincare routine

changing skincare

I’ve recently changed my skincare routine since I last posted about it. I’m planning on doing an updated skincare routine soon, but for the moment this post is going to be my reasons behind it.

I don’t like to change things too often, whilst I believe that your skin, like the rest of the body adapts and gets used to things, I also believe bombarding it with lots of new products every other week isn’t good for it either.

I’ve always had oily blemish prone skin, which I developed in my teens and to only make things more difficult, I developed sensitive skin as well. I’ve always used products designed for oily skin, recently however I’ve noticed that my skin has been getting oilier. I was washing my face in the morning, but by mid morning I was shiny even through my Double Wear foundation. I also noticed my skin was quite red and felt dry and tight especially around my nose and cheeks.

A few weeks ago I switched my usual cleanser for my NSpa Hot Cloth Cleanser so that I could double cleanse at night and as a side effect I immediately noticed my skin was less greasy despite it being a cream cleanser. I realised that now in my early twenties I’m growing out of my teenage skin and I need to change my skincare routine as the cleanser I was using was far too harsh and as a result my skin was overproducing oil to compensate. Fortunately I was near the end of my old cleanser, but I started to use the NSpa cleanser in the mornings and immediately my skin was much less oily.

I still get the occasional breakout and a lot of my routine has stayed largely much the same except for the addition of Alpha H liquid gold and Pai Rosehip oil, but watch out for upcoming blog posts on those!

Have you noticed a change in your skin and had to change your routine as a result?


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