Currently Loving: Lace

lace inspired clothing from new look and topshop
lace tshirt from topshop
lace tshirt from topshop, kimono from new look
Eyelash Top – £16 Topshop
Kimono – £19.99 New Look

A lot of clothes I’ve been picking up lately all feature the same thing- lace. I am loving that frilly material as detailing on my outfits at the moment. It adds a touch of class, sophistication, without making you look like a doily.
My recent lace purchases are completely blogger inspired. Firstly I saw this gorgeous lace tshirt on Amelia’s blog and decided to pick it up as it was casual enough for the day but the lace added a little bit of something that meant you could wear it to dressier occasions.

Later I saw Kate was wearing a lace Kimono in one of her posts, which I also fell in love with. It was so light and delicate that I thought it’d definitely be something to wear as a cover in chilly evenings or at parties. I didn’t have a kimono and I had been debating on getting one for a while so I decided then and there I was going to pick it up. Ok so maybe the kimono is more crochet than lace but it still looks cute!

I’ve been wearing these with my Leigh jeans that I can’t get enough of at the moment, I’ve even been wearing them both together.
Double Lace – radical!

What are you currently loving?


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