December Degustabox

December Degustabox

The last Degustabox of the year has arrived. You might be thinking, didn’t you literally just get the November one and yes I did! but they were sending them out a little earlier this month probably to avoid the postage chaos of Christmas. Nonetheless I was happy to receive my box early and I was excited to see what I received this month.

Eisberg Non-Alcoholic Wine
I was a little disappointed this wasn’t alcoholic, but I’ve never tried an alcohol free wine before so it will be interesting to give it a go and I suppose it will come in handy when I’ve indulged too much over the festive period.

Pukka Herbs Clean Green Tea
I’m learning to love green tea, give me a builders tea any day but I am still looking forward to these. I imagine I’ll be hitting them hard come new year when I embark on an intense gym routine and detox.

Bahlsen Leibniz
I’m not a big fan of the original leibniz biscuits, but I also received a caramel version in this box and those are really nice. The chocolate and caramel is so soft and delicious. I think I’ll be buying those again.

Gloworm Mixers
At first I just thought these were tiny drinks, but they’re actually mixers! I received some interesting flavours- Raspberry & Orris, Cucumber & Apple, Pear, Spice& Lime and Ginger & Lemongrass all of which go really well with different spirits. I’m excited to try these and hopefully will be a nice refreshing change from the bog standard vodka and orange.

Bonne Maman Course Orange Marmalade
I love Bonne Maman and I love marmalade, but I don’t like shred! I’m devastated as I’ll probably either have to give this away or use it up in cooking where I can’t choke on bits of orange peel. Yak!

Fry Light Infuse Chilli Oil
This looks so interesting and I think it will definitely perk up my cooking over the New Year when everyone’s getting bored of turkey and leftovers, I just hope it’s not too hot for me!

Oats and Chia
I regularly eat chia seeds so I was really happy to receive this in my box. This little packet contains a ‘shot’ of chia seeds which will go nicely on my breakfast but also a packet of oats and chia – a bit like the Oat So Simple packets, but healthier. I’m also really happy to see there’s lots of healthy ingredients in there like coconut oil and coconut sugar as I’m really careful not to eat too sugary a cereal in the morning. Probably one of the items in the box I’m most looking forward to using.

I’ve wanted to try Pop Chips for a while so I was happy to see these in my box. I do love some crisps and as these are lighter they won’t feel so naughty.

Kent’s Kitchen Brazilian Moqueca Capixaba
This is probably the item I was least enthusiastic about, as I feel like I’ve received these in my boxes for the last few months and I haven’t even used my others up yet! I’m not even sure what a moqueca capixaba is?

Despite my mixed feelings I am really pleased with my box and I usually find a lot of the things I’m unsure about I end up liking. I think some thought has been gone into this box as it encapsulates items for Christmas indulgence but also post christmas when you’re bloated and feeling a bit crap. I just hope I don’t get any more of those cooking kits haha! I’m really looking forward to January’s box and I hope they will be putting more health food in as I love those kinds of items.


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