Degustabox January

Degustabox January
Degustabox January
Degustabox January
Degustabox January
Degustabox January
Degustabox January
I received my first Degustabox of 2015 a couple of weeks ago and it’s aptly themed The Healthy Box. Post Christmas is all about getting back on the wagon and eating healthily again so this box has got lots of healthy items to help make that easier whilst adding in little nuggets of naughtiness (I’m looking at you Nutella!) to make you feel like you’re indulging more than you actually are.

Alfa One Rice Oil
I have to say I’ve never heard of Rice oil so I was really intrigued when I pulled this out of the box. I’ve not yet tried it so I’ll be sure to let you know what I think once I do. It’s not actually a bad price either for the amount you receive – much cheaper than the coconut oil I usually buy so I could be tempted to pick this up again if I like it.

Koko Dairy Free
I actually buy this coconut milk every week at the supermarket so I was happy to see this as it meant I didn’t have to buy any that week. It goes so well in smoothies and porridge which is what I mainly use it for.

Kabuto Noodles
Previously to receiving this in my Degustabox I’ve never tried anything from Kabuto before but I quite enjoyed this Beef Pho noodle pot. I think I would pick it up again if I wanted something quick for lunch, but I’d also like to try the other flavours in the range.

Sukrin Cake Mix
I love that more and more brands are bringing out alternative healthier versions of what are considered ‘treat’ foods. I have to say I’ve never seen a cake mix that doesn’t contain sugar before but I am really excited to give this a go. This is also gluten, wheat and egg free so is a good choice if you have an intolerance and still want to enjoy things like cakes. I have to say though, it is eye wateringly expensive so I don’t think I’d buy this again but rather make my own version.

Finn Crisp
I think these are just another version of Ryvita, which I do like so I’m interested to try an alternative and as they are 20% fibre and only 22 cals a slice they will definitely help with my diet.

Magners Light
I tried this low calorie fruit cider at the weekend and it was alright but I don’t think I’d pick this up in the supermarket again, I actually prefer a pear cider if I’m going to drink cider, but it was pleasant to drink so if you’re looking for a low calorie fruit cider give this one a go!

Little Miracles
I’ve raved about these drinks each time I’ve received them in past Degustaboxes and this time is no different. I absolutely adore these I think they’re fantastic. I preferred the black tea and peach flavour over the cherry one but they were both still enjoyable. I don’t actually think I’ve seen these during my weekly shop but I might have to look harder as I really do like these.

Mornflake Top Porridge – Nutella and Golden Syrup Flavour
Anything with Nutella in and I’m yours so I was really pleased to see this Nutella porridge in my box, the golden syrup less so as I’ve cut out any kind of sugar at breakfast and I find it far too sweet. The great thing about these pots though is that because the topping is separate you can add as little or as much as you want, so the Nutella one will be a weekend treat I think and I’ll pass on the Golden syrup and have plain porridge another day.

Haywards Piccalilli
I’ve had piccalilli before so I don’t really have much to comment on to be honest. It’s funny though as I’ve been averse to it for years and just recently I’ve actually come around to eating it again – perfect on a ham sandwich – so I’m glad in that sense as I know it’ll get used!

Clipper Green Tea
I’ve not yet tried these as I’ve just opened the Pukka Green Tea which I received in the Christmas Degustabox (FYI: Fantastic!) but it’s really good that such a generous sample has been popped in the box has an extra gift. I’m not one for green tea in all honesty because I’m not a big fan of the taste, but these have a lemon addition to them so if they taste anything like the Pukka ones then I think I will definitely be enjoying these too!

I think this is probably my favourite box so far, I was really pleased with what I received as there were quite a few items and brands I’d not heard of before. I hope they carry on putting in more healthy items in future boxes.


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