Dinner at Grenache

I mentioned last week that my cousin came to visit and we went out for a meal with my family. We visited a restaurant we’d never been to before called Grenache, which is in the outskirts of Manchester. I wasn’t feeling all that well that night, battling a terrible cold. However it was a fabulous night in all.

We ordered a few drinks while having a quick catch up so I ordered a cheeky strawberry daiquiri cocktail as I wasn’t driving. The menu changes each week to ensure they use local seasonal produce. It was fairly extensive as well with an a la carte and an early decadence menu, which I opted for as there were more options that I fancied.

What was amazing is before our starters we were given a complimentary amuse bouche, which is kind of like an appetiser. They brought us smoked haddock fishcakes with garlic mayonnaise which were served in scallop shells. We also were brought some complimentary rosemary foccacia bread too.
rosemary foccacia bread
smoked haddock fishcakes
I opted for the Chicken Liver Parfait to start, which came with a two slices of brioche and a quince and apple salad. I’d never tried quince before but it was delicious. Harry had scallops to start, which I’ve only ever tried once before and I wasn’t keen, however I gave them another go and it was actually ok.
chicken liver parfait

For my main course I went for steak (which was a bit of a cop out I know) In hindsight I wish I’d not had the steak, not because it wasn’t nice, it was beautiful, but because I was having so many problems breathing I couldn’t chew and breathe at the same time so I ended up leaving quite a bit. Harry went for slow cooked belly pork, glazed cheek, smoked mash and cabbage & bacon, which I could have been tempted by as I love pork!
sirloin steak with chunky chips, spinach and tomato confit

Then we got another amuse bouche! They presented us with deep fried rice pudding balls and a mango sauce. I wasn’t keen on the sauce but the balls were great!
amuse bouche of deep fried rice pudding balls
Finally I had just enough room for some deep fried plums for my dessert which were delicious, whilst Harry went for the chocolate fondant. Now those who know me might be thinking why didn’t I go for the chocolate, being a bit of a chocoholic. Well in truth I was feeling on the full side so something rich wouldn’t have been the best idea, but also pineapple doesn’t agree with me, and it had pineapple garnish, which I suppose I could have left but it comes back to the richness.
deep fried plums with clotted cream
chocolate fondant pudding with pineapple garnish

Overall I had a lovely time there and recommend you go if you’re in the area. It’s a little on the pricey side so it might be one for special occasions. You can visit their website here.


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