Driclor Solution Roll On Review

Driclor Anti Perspirant

Perspiration is something I think a lot of people are weird about. No one likes to admit that they perspire heavily, it’s just weird and people judge you thinking you’re dirty and smelly and should shower more. Don’t tell me that seeing sweat patches on other people doesn’t gross you out… even a little bit.

However lately I have found that I have been perspiring more and none of the anti-perspirants I’ve tried have kept me as dry as I would like, especially when wearing synthetic tight clothing.

Stressful situations, or even if it was warm would find my underarms getting slightly damp, which was embarrassing for me and made me feel uncomfortable, which I didn’t want to feel in my daily life.
As I was reluctant to stick to loose cotton clothes only, I realised I would need to try something new.

Over the course of a few months I tried:

    • Michum – was ok
    • Triple dry- ok
    • Dove 48+ -didn’t really work
    • Sure 48hr maximum protection- didn’t really work
    • Nivea Invisible Black & White Clear -Crap!

Although I had varying degrees of success with these brands, none of them truly kept me absolutely dry.

So I had a look round on the Internet and came across Driclor. I was really reluctant to try this for two reasons:

1. It was admitting I had heavier than what is considered normal perspiration
2. After reading reviews the most common side effect was that it was itchy and irritating upon application, some even reported burning!!

Anyway, after realising I could either give it a go or keep being uncomfortable in my daily life I decided to take the plunge and buy it.

Driclor comes in two parts so you have to attach the rollerball yourself, and the bottle is quite small, which may leave you questioning if it’s worth the money. However you only need the tiniest amount so it will last ages!

Upon first application it wasn’t too bad, but a few minutes later as it started to dry my underarms became insanely itchy. It was almost unbearable but I stuck it out and the next day came my first test. I was wearing a polo neck top and I felt very warm in it but I did not sweat. At All! not one single drop, completely dry!!

However despite the amazing results, I wasn’t keen on the side effects so I did some research on the internet and found a few tips to stop/reduce the itching.

Now it doesn’t itch at all when I apply it and furthermore over the weeks you don’t need to apply it as often. I’ve been using it for about a month or so and now I only need to apply it once every 7-10 days and I stay dry the entire time, doesn’t matter how hot I am or how tight and synthetic my clothes are I stay dry.

A few tips to follow:

      1. Shave at least 24 hours before use (seriously makes the itching 10x worse, in fact it burns!)
      2. Ensure your underarms are completely dry (use talc to make sure!)
      3. Apply the bare minimum, this is one product you really don’t need to be liberal with
      4. Don’t get dressed until it’s dry unless you’re wearing a vest.

So, if you’ve tried other anti-perspirants and they haven’t worked then definitely give it a go, it has changed everything and I no longer need to worry, or even apply deoderant more than once a week now. There are some side effects but if you follow the tips above you should get minimum discomfort.

Driclor can be purchased from drugstores for £6.19


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