Essie After School Boy Blazer Nail Polish Review

Essie After School Boy Blazer
Essie After School Boy Blazer
Essie After School Boy Blazer Swatch

Like many of us in the beauty blogging world (or avid followers), I squealed a little bit when the new Autumn Collection from Essie was released. I’ve loved all of their offerings since they finally crossed the pond and started popping up in Boots and Superdrug stores all over the country.

The Autumn Collection however, slightly disappointed me a little. Most of the shades were either ones I had in other polishes, or ones I knew I would be unlikely to wear. After School Boy Blazer was the exception to the rule for two reasons, I love a good navy polish despite only owning one, and secondly after seeing it on Anna’s blog I simply knew I had to have this polish in my collection.

After School Boy Blazer is a gorgeously deep navy colour that looks black until you look up close. It’s got a great glossy shine that only needs a single coat to achieve a perfect finish. However I really would advise application of a second and top coat because the bad thing I’ve found about this nail polish is it seems to be quite bad for tip wear and chipping, although I’m not the most careful with my nails. Has anyone else found this?

Overall gorgeous colour, hi-shine finish, but seems to be iffy on the longevity front. Nonetheless, it will be one I will be frequenting regularly this winter, even if I will be doing my nails more regularly.

Essie After School Boy Blazer can be purchased from Boots or Superdrug for £7.99

  1. I bought my sister one of the Essie limited autumn editions for her birthday — she’s always painting her nails. I can’t remember what it was called but it was dark, mossy green and metallic. I hope she likes it. (yn)

    I love Essie nail polish… it’s worth the money. I have my eye on so many shades, like Buy Me a Cameo (I think that’s it?) but I only own a lovely nude one, “More Than a Pretty Face”, or something along those lines.

    Take care! xx

    1. I think I know which one you mean? is it for the twill of it or something? They definitely are worth it though, theyre generally really good quality and I love the wide brush, and they’re not bad price wise!! xx

  2. I have been after a navy polish for ages.. this looks gorgeous! Very tempting:)

    Jessica xx

    1. It is so lovely! my only fault to find is that it’s a bit rubbish with chipping, nothing a good top coat couldn’t fix though probably! xx

  3. Ooh fair enough I might have to check this out, I’ve got a few of their pastel shades which I thought were pretty good x

  4. I spotted this a while ago and loved it but then I turned round and spotted a Collection (2000) one in shade 60, Midnight for £1.99 which was basically the same. Although they are dirt cheap, I have a few of their nailpolishes and they are just as good as Essie in my opinion x

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