Essie Fiji Nail Polish Review

Essie Fiji Nail Polish
Essie Fiji Nail Polish
I wasn’t entirely sold on this nail colour when I first heard about it, but after seeing many reviews I thought I would pick it up from the counter in Boots.

Fiji is a very pale milky pink colour, akin to strawberry mini milks, which makes it the perfect summery pastel shade. Fiji is notoriously difficult to apply but I’ve found with the new brush it works like a dream, although with the wideness of the brush and my small nails it does tend to go everywhere.

It was almost opaque after one coat but I applied two and I applied three to my right hand as it peeled after one coat. I’m attributing that though to doing the washing up shortly after applying the first coat.

Essie Fiji also lasted fairly well on my nails, with only slight tip wear after 2 days (minus a top coat) and chips after 3-4 (still with no top coat)

Overall I have to say it is a lovely colour and also fairly long lasting so if you’re looking for a lovely pale pink hue definitely pick this up

Essie Fiji can be picked up from Superdrug or Boots for £7.99


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