Essie Sole Mate Nail Polish Review

Essie Sole Mate Nail Polish
Essie Sole Mate Nail Polish swatch

Essie Sole Mate – £7.99

Essie Sole Mate must be one of the most talked about polishes and blogger inspired purchases of this Autumn, so much so that when I went to get my hands on it I had to do a lot of searching to track it down.

Essie Sole Mate is a gorgeous rich dark plum/wine shade which almost reminds me of Chanel Le Vernis Rouge Noir but with pink and purple undertones to it that makes it subtly different. What I love about this polish is its vampiness and sophistication, without looking over the top and it looks like I’ve had a professional manicure rather than my quick swipe jobby. It practically goes with everything and it’s also a really great shout if you’re not a fan of black nails, as it gives that dark Autumnal vampy vibe without being too harsh.

It’s fast drying and nearly opaque in one coat although looks so much better with two. Also there’s no streaks here ladies! This goes on super smoothly. Also the finish to it is spectacular – there’s no need for a top coat as it’s supremely glossy and has a high shine finish – but I’d use one just to preserve your fresh immaculate manicure. The wear time is slightly better too, three days before chipping on my careless hands and less if I skip the top coat, I’m not a good advocate for nail polishes but I do have a house to clean and I always always forget the marigolds!

If you can track it down it’s definitely worth a purchase. It’s going to be the IT colour this Autumn/Winter season and will definitely be gracing my nails well into next year.


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