Essie Watermelon Nail Polish Review

essie watermelon nail polish
essie watermelon nail polish swatch

Essie Watermelon Nail Polish– £7.99

Yet another Essie nail polish review from me, I cannot get enough of the range forgive me! After my little love in of spring pastels and brights a couple of weeks back I felt there was something missing from my collection- a hot pink. So on my next outing to Boots I picked up Watermelon.

I know Essie’s latest collection have a similar coloured polish called ‘style hunter’ but I quickly compared swatches and decided to opt for Watermelon. Watermelon is described as a creamy red but it’s definitely more of a hot raspberry pink shade. It leans towards the red end of the spectrum which is probably why it’s described as ‘red’. This was probably one of the hardest shades to photograph and even this one doesn’t do it justice.

It’s such a bright vibrant shade which I love and it’s opaque in a single coat. It dries super quickly so there’s no waiting aroung and like all Essie polishes it has it’s trademark wide brush, which is always a winner for me. Wear time is never great on my nails, I did have chipping on my index fingers after 24 hours (without a topcoat) but the rest of my fingers faired well and I had tipwear after 3-4 days so I’ve come to the conclusion I just have rubbish nails on my index fingers.

Another beautiful colour and a winner for me, this vibrant summery shade will be gracing my fingers (and toes) for months to come. In fact it’s probably one of my favourite shades in my collection.


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