Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Review

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Double Wear is one of those iconic, talked about foundations in the beauty blogging world, and I’ve often admired it from afar without dipping my toe into the DW world. It sounded a perfect foundation for me- long lasting, full coverage- yet I’ve been scared of trying it out, which I think stems back to someone I used to know used to wear it and it honestly looked god awful. It was thick and caked on and orange, so the memory of this always put me off.
However I had an impending Christmas party which would last at least 8 hours and I knew I needed a foundation that would last, so I headed down to my local Estee Lauder counter to get colour matched.
*I know in the picture I think it looks like my face is a different colour to my neck (or is just that my bad eyes?) but I assure you, in real life it blends beautifully.

Although I liked the way it was applied I picked up a 10 day sample so I could try it out for myself at home.
I would really recommend you pick up a sample of this if you’ve never tried it. They are super generous and I found my sample lasted a lot longer than 10 applications maybe 12 or 13 so you can definitely make a good judgement on whether it’s right for you or not!

It’s quite a fluid foundation, certainly not as thick as I was expecting and you don’t need a lot. I usually apply this with my Real Techniques buffing brush, which gives a lovely finish. It also helps with the application as it’s quite a quick drying foundation although I’ve applied with my fingers and it wasn’t too bad to work with. The end result is lovely almost-flawless coverage (I say that as I still need a touch of concealer on some of my hyperpigmentation marks) but it generally covers blemishes very well.

This foundation is amazing for it’s staying power and it’s banishing of shine. There is no need for me to wear a primer with this foundation, although sometimes I do for even longer lasting power. With Double Wear my makeup lasts from 7am to 5pm with no problems, I might have the tiniest amount of shine, but compared to some of my other foundations which have disappeared from my face by the middle of the day, it’s amazing.

It dries down to a super matte finish, which is great but sometimes I prefer to be a bit more dewy, especially if my skin is a little dry so sometimes I mix it with some of my YSL Touche Eclat foundation to make my skin a bit more luminous.

The only issues I have with this foundation is that when my skin is dehydrated, it goes incredibly patchy (which is more my skin’s fault not the foundation’s, but definitely one to watch out for if you’re a little on the dry side!)
Also many people have mentioned the lack of a pump. It is difficult to get the amount of foundation right and I have found myself scraping my hand with the rim of the bottle to get the excess back in. However when I got the full size bottle for Christmas, my boyfriend kindly bought me a pump from Nars to go with it.

I would definitely recommend Double Wear, it’s long lasting, full coverage without being thick and cakey and if you need a foundation that will last the whole day this is definitely the one for you. This has quickly become my staple foundation for every day wear and I will definitely be repurchasing.

If the finish is too matte for you some days simply mix with either a highlighter or a dewier foundation for a more luminous finish.

Double Wear Foundation can be purchased from Estee Lauder counters and Estee Lauder’s website for £28.50


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