Fashion: Cheap & Cheerful Ballet Flats

H&M Ballet Pumps
Ballet Pumps – £7.99 H&M

Shortly before my holiday I was on a mission to replace my battered white pumps with some shiny new ones. I can hear you saying now why are you regaling us with a tale of white shoes when the picture above clearly shows grey and black ones. Well I may have gone off piste a little…

The fact of the matter is that yes my original intention was to get some white pumps, but I simply didn’t see any I liked, or more irritatingly that were in my size (New Look I’m looking at you!). However as I was browsing through the shoe section in H&M I saw these lovely and oh so chic dove grey pumps and after slipping my feet inside the satin lining I was sold.

I have such problems when it comes to buying pumps as I’m a half size and if I size down then they crush my toes and if I size up they slip off so I can’t win, but these H&M ballet pumps fit perfectly. Sure they’ve given me a few blisters after their first outing, but honestly, every new pair of shoes I’ve ever owned have given me blisters.

At £7.99 and supremely comfortable I couldn’t resist picking up a second, black pair as my black cat ones are falling apart and I’m devastated I can’t get any replacements.

These pumps are cheap and supremely comfortable, so much so I might even have to pick up a third pair…


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