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That time of year has come around, where everyone is getting ready to go off to uni, and it makes me really sad as I’ve closed that chapter of my life now *cry*

Anyway whether you’re a first year or a third year, you’ve yet to move in or you already have, I’ve put together a few cute things to spruce up your place. I have a post here which is all the essentials you need but these things just add a personal touch.

Most of the things I’ve added are cute but not too expensive as I know students are on a budget!

Cork Board
If you don’t already have one in your room it may be well worth investing in one of these. You can pin up your timetable, photos of friends and tickets and other quirky things. You can even use the pins on the cork board as necklace holders!! This one is really cheap at Β£7.99 from Argos

Fairy Lights
Fairy Lights are cute and give a really great atmosphere to your room. Amazon have loads of different styles but I picked these for a more neutral tone if you’re not into really girly things.

Laundry Hamper
This cute laundry hamper from Asda will look stylish in your room and keep your dirty clothes out of sight.

Be super careful with these especially if you have alarms in your rooms (don’t say I didn’t warn you!). But these are a great idea for when you just want to chill out or if you want a lovely calm atmosphere when staying up all night completing those assignments. Yankee Candles always smell lovely and aren’t too expensive. This one is particularly nice for the upcoming winter nights.

These are so handy to spruce up your bed and to also act as a blanket when you’re snuggled up on the sofa watching films with your new flatmates. This neutral one is from Tesco.

Storage Baskets
These are so pretty and so useful to put your beauty bits and bobs in, either for your bathroom if you have your own or for your room if you have a communal one. These come in 2, 3 and 4 drawers from Asda.

As well as pillows for your bed you may just want some cushions to snuggle up with when watching a film and generally make your room a little bit more homely such as this one from Dunelm.

USB Cup Warmer
This USB cup warmer from Amazon will keep all those cups of coffee you’ll be drinking when you’re doing all nighters for an assignment deadline.


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