Hauling: Yankee Candles

Yankee candles in Clean Cotton and November rain
Yankee candles in Clean Cotton, Bahama Breeze, White Gardenia and Garden Sweet Pea
Clean Cotton Medium Jar Candle – £16.99
November Rain small jar candle – £5.99
Sample Votive candles – £1.80 each

If you come here regularly, you’ll know I love candles and none other than Yankee Candles. Having my own place means I can have as many candles as I can possibly fit on surfaces and I suppose that’s what I’ve done this time…

Whilst I was in Kent I couldn’t resist popping into the Yankee Candle outlet store and the normal store too. I don’t think there is much rhyme or reason to the ones I picked other than I don’t like candles that are too strong, sweet or sickly. I had a whiff of the salted caramel and baulked so that one was out!

Clean Cotton is my all time favourite scent that they do so it was obvious I was going to pick a few up. I got the medium jar candle as it had been reduced. It smells exactly as described, like when you get clean clothes out of the washing machine ahhh…

I picked up a small jar candle of November Rain, I’d had a small votive candle of this last year and I loved it. It’s quite a masculine fragrance I think but fresh and quite ‘watery’ if that makes sense.

Finally I grabbed some sample votive candles in Clean Cotton, White Gardenia, Bahama Breeze and Garden Sweet Pea. I only picked up small candles in these, partly because they’re always handy sizes for candle holders (of which I have many ha!) and because for a couple of them I’d not tried before and didn’t want to be stuck with 40+ hours of burn time of a candle I despise.

When I sampled Bahama Breeze for the first time I was instantly transported back to when I was a child and reminded me of an air freshener my mum used to have in her car. It sounds like a strange reason to buy a candle but honestly every time I get a whiff of it I’m instantly 8 or 9 years old again. It’s definitely a fruity cocktail kind of smell like grapefruit and passionfruit. It’s not overpowering though which I like!

Garden Sweet Pea is another one that evokes memories for me. I had a Yankee sweet pea candle when I first moved into my flat two years ago and it reminds me of that first summer I spent in it. It’s quite sweet and floral but not too sickly.

White Gardenia is a scent I wasn’t sure about at first but after a couple of whiffs I decided I did in fact like it. It’s quite a strong floral scent but I like it and it reminds me of the scents of quite expensive hand creams you get. It also reminds me of summer when you’re sat in a lovely garden having afternoon tea and scones in the sun and you can smell the flowers.

I think I’ll definitely be picking up a few of these again in larger candle sizes, namely White Gardenia and Sweet Pea they are just so lovely for the upcoming summer months, they just evoke such strong memories and connotations for me.

What are your favourite scented candles?


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