HD Brows & My Brow Journey

HD Brows have grown in popularity tremendously over the last couple of years with celebrities swearing by it to keep their brows looking picture perfect. It’s a 7 step procedure, which involves trimming, tinting, waxing, plucking, threading, and filling in.
A lot of sceptics have hit out saying it’s just like having your eyebrows tinted and waxed but with a fancy new fashionable name. I agree and disagree with this. Although it is similar to having them done in a regular beauty salon, it is different in the respect that there are more steps involved than a quick tint and wax. Also the beauticians that do HD Brows are specially trained by the co-director Nilam Patel and her team.

My Brow Journey
I used to have quite thin eyebrows, they weren’t at the point where I needed to draw them on but basically they were quite sparse. Also I was not the best shaper in the world so they were slightly uneven. About 18 months ago I decided to start growing my brows for a more ‘full’ look, mostly because big bold brows are the rage at the moment, and thin brows are supposed to make you look older. Around this time I also started using Benefit’s brow’s a go go to define my eyebrows. This greatly improved the look of my eyebrows as mine are very pale naturally and therefore give absolutely no definition to my face whatsoever.

Late last year I’d heard about HD Brows and was curious for a while as to try it but I was apprehensive because I’d heard horror stories about beauticians taking too much off, and my eyebrows are sparse enough as it is without a trigger happy woman ripping half of them off. (I do note most are very good at what they do)

Finally I plucked up the courage in February to book an appointment with Ashleigh- HD Brows Manchester. She was offering them for £20 which I thought was a damn sight cheaper than Harvey Nichols (£40?! come on!!!) and my friend had previously had them done and they looked amazing. I was very pleased with my results the first time round and decided I would have them done again.

I went for my second appointment today, I’d been meaning to go a few weeks ago but I’ve been busy and so I had eventually gone 8 weeks without touching my eyebrows! they were a crazy mess! But on the plus side I’d managed to grow them so much by not touching them (and believe me it was hard)

BEFORE (eek!!)
HD Brows before

Left brow
Left Brow before

Right brow
Right brow before

HD Brows after

Left brow
Left brow after

Right brow

Right brow after
This was shortly after I’d had them done so the area around my brows is quite red!!

Firstly I was asked how dark I wanted to go. I do like having darker eyebrows than my natural ones but because I am fair and my hair is blonde, I didn’t want too noticeable difference, so I opted for a light brown.

She brushed my brows and trimmed some of the longer hair to make sure they were the same length.

The tint was applied for a couple of minutes before wiping off with a cotton pad.

Once that was done she then waxed the arch, ends and a bit of the top which wasn’t too painful. On the whole I don’t find waxing particularly painful.

In fact the plucking part was more painful, probably because I hadn’t done them in 8 weeks!! It felt like she was plucking forever but I guess I must have had lots of stragglers, it certainly looks that way in the pictures.

She also threaded the top of my brows which is to make the hairs blend in with the rest of the face, which wasn’t as bad as the first time, probably because I knew what I was expecting.

Finally she filled in my brows and set them with some brow beater.

They’re still growing out at the moment and there’s parts that have yet to fill in. They’re still a little uneven in terms of one is straight and one has more of an arch as well, but hopefully I will eventually attain the perfect pair of brows as long as I leave them alone between appointments.

Overall I definitely would recommend it probably if you’re looking to grow your eyebrows and make them thicker or need a reshape, otherwise it may be a little costly if you’re only going for a quick tidy, as it does cost between £20-£40 depending on where you get them done. However saying that I’m so glad I decided to opt for HD Brows, I think they look so much better than I used to have, especially as they’re growing back too.

If you’d like to try HD Brows Manchester it’s £20 and you can like the Facebook page here


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