The importance of #Healthyageing

I’m always banging on about how I try to live healthily and I think it’s quite important to start now whilst your young not just when you’re getting older. When I was recently contacted by Simply Health about their healthy ageing report I thought it was important to get the message out there.

It’s no secret that people are now living longer than they used to thanks to better medical care and quality of living. People aren’t dying in their childhood and early thirties to easily treatable complaints such as infections, but because of this other ailments are now becoming more prominent. You might hear your parents and grandparents complaining about their back as they get out of a chair or that they can’t read without their glasses although I have to say I complain of these at the grand old age of 23 so I don’t hold out much hope for me!

But the one thing that the report highlights is the importance of exercise. I hear ya! It’s boring and effort and there’s a million other things you could be doing that’s infinitely better. I won’t lie sometimes I’d rather be in bed with a big bar of dairy milk and a film than go to the gym but there’s so many benefits to exercise.

Exercise can slow down ageing. By doing cardiovascular activities you are keeping your heart muscle nice and strong and burning off that burger you’ve just eaten (or trying to anyway). There’s hundreds of ways to get your cardio in as well, you don’t have to slog away on a treadmill, run outside, play your favourite sport, swim, or even probably the best most suitable exercise for all- walking.

Sometimes if you’re already overweight or you find it difficult to exercise or for those who are older and less active, the thought of jumping around in an aerobics class makes you want to sit down and take a nap but walking can be the solution. It’s low impact and a great way to build up your stamina, plus if you take a friend and walk in the park it doesn’t even feel like exercise.

I’ve just started playing badminton with my friends. I’d forgotten how much I loved it in high school but it reignited my love for it and I also got a good workout too, I was sweaty and my heart rate was up, plus for the next few days I could definitely feel the workout in my muscles.

Doing weights can also help as well. Don’t think you will get big and bulky because you wont. One of the results of ageing are bone and muscle loss. By performing weight bearing exercises you can keep strong and minimise the risk of breaking something if you fall.

So however old you are and whatever ability you are I think there is definitely always time to start exercising, even if you haven’t up to now, and even if it is just a little bit it’s a start!


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