Homeware: Wishlist #2

homeware wishlist from Ikea, Jo Malone and Dunelm Mill
1. Jo Malone Candle 2. Poppy Placemats 3. Billy Bookcase 4. Micke Desk 5. Paris Canvas Print
It’s been a little while since I last shared a homeware themed wishlist, but there’s something about October to me that says “start nesting for winter”. Combined with my bedroom shake up last weekend (which involved bleach and a bruised knee) it made me really want to buy a few more bits to make our little flat more cosy.

1. Jo Malone Candle
Yes Jo Malone is ridiculously expensive, but I’ve got it all planned out that it would sit on my white minimalist desk from Ikea (which I’m yet to buy! see below) and I’d have my macbook on and it would be the stuff of Pinterest dreams. I’ve chosen Wood Sage and Sea Salt, not only because it’s their latest scent, but because I’ve had a whiff and I’ve quite warmed to it. It’s not gender specific nor overpowering which makes me think I could tolerate a burn time of 45 hours without getting fed up of it.

2. Poppy Placemats
My current placemats are looking a little tired and battered now that I’ve had them about a year or so. They’ve suffered pan burn marks, alcohol spillages, greasy meat juices and more so I think they’ve earned retirement. I’m particularly fussy with placemats in that I’m not sure what I want. However I did like the look of these (most likely as they are very similar to my current poppy placemats!)

3. Billy Bookcase
We already have a brilliant bookcase, but it’s so filled with Harry’s books that there’s simply no room for mine. I’d like a little one, just so I can put my books somewhere
a) I can reach
b) where I’m not cramming them in any available space.

4. Micke Desk
Ikea desks are the stuff of dreams aren’t they? You see them gracing Pinterest boards and your favourite blogger’s deftly took pictures. I quite like this Micke desk from Ikea not just for the aforementioned statement – although I admit that I really do need a proper white space to photograph on – but other advantages to this desk are:

i) It’s small enough to fit in my already cramped flat
ii) At £39 I think it’s practically a bargain for a piece of furniture
iii) It has a cutesy little drawer that I could shove more of my crap into.

5. Paris Canvas Print
I know Paris is a little cliche, but aren’t most canvas prints these days? I love Paris, it’s a beautiful city and my walls are so bare (except for a canvas print of a spitfire) so since my discovery of 3M command hanging strips I’ve been itching to decorate my walls more. I’d love one of New York, and triptych ones too, perhaps of flowers or beaches.

What homeware items are you currently lusting after?


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