June Degustabox

degustabox june

After taking a break from subscription boxes I gave in and decided to try a new monthly food box called Degustabox. Degustabox is a monthly subscription box that provides you with a box of new and well known food products for Β£12.99. Being a keen foodie and having seen other reviews I thought they sounded awesome.

One thing that really annoyed me was the courier. I live in an apartment block and for some reason couriers seem to take liberties and not bother ringing the flat and just ‘claim’ that I’m not in. This is what their courier did the other day, and when I tried to change my addres to my work one they apparently couldn’t do this. So I wasn’t even sure I was going to get this box. I practically had to stalk the courier online as he made his deliveries and then get Harry to camp outside once he was near me. I hate couriers. I’ve since changed my address to my work one now so hopefully they will deliver next month.

Here’s what I got in this months box:

Estrella Damm
In this months box I got a can of Spanish lager Estrella Damm. I don’t really drink, or like beer so I gave this to Harry.

Elizabeth Shaw Amaretto Flutes
I tried these at the weekend and really liked them. They have an almond taste but it isn’t too strong. They’re also only 23 calories a stick so I can have one or two whilst not feeling too guilty.

Urban Fruit Pineapple Pieces
I was really disappointed with this packet of fruit, mainly because pineapple doesn’t agree with me so it meant I couldn’t eat it. I gave this to Harry though and he said he enjoyed it.

Bear Alphabites
I was quite pleased to receive these in my box as well as I try to have healthy non sugary cereal in the morning and this has no refined sugar, no salt and no added nonsense. I was disappointed however they’ve been crushed in transit and also the bag has ripped so I had alpha bites everywhere which is annoyed me as I didn’t really want to receive open cereal.

Veetee Basmati and Wild Rice
I was quite pleased to receive this one in my box as I had a bad experience with egg fried rice and now I won’t touch the stuff. I’m sure it’ll come in useful when I need a quick meal.

Dr Oetker Madagascan Vanilla Grinder
I’m quite excited to use this, being quite a keen baker I will definitely be cracking this out when I need some vanilla in my recipes.

Strawberry Lambrini
It was interesting to receive this. I have to admit I haven’t drank Lambrini since I was at uni so it’s not really something I usually drink. However I am intrigued about the strawberry and eager to try this.

Be Fast -Banana Flavour
I was a little disappointed with these products too as I’m not keen on banana flavour and it would have been nice to have got two flavours rather than two bananas. Harry again tried one and said it was like eating banana flavoured Weetabix that had gone mushy.

Overall I was a little underwhelmed with the whole experience. It didn’t help that the courier was absolutely shocking which did mar my experience somewhat. Also I was a little disappointed at the fact that my cereal was open, I got pineapple, which I couldn’t eat and there were two banana Be Fast’s rather than two different flavours. I think I will give them another go next month to see what I will get and to see if the quality improves but if not I shall be unsubscribing.


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