I recently received my June Joliebox and decided it would be my last for several reasons. I found out firstly that Joliebox had had some problems with labelling and so the boxes were going to be late. This was mildly annoying as they didn’t actually tell me for a couple of weeks so I was wondering where my box was and secondly despite these issues, other more high profile beauty bloggers had managed to get theirs. Finally because of the mix up, my box wouldn’t be tailored to my beauty profile.

However it was the contents of the box which made me cancel my subscription. Each month I’ve seen other bloggers rave about the really good items they got in their Joliebox and I’ve always ended up with rubbish ones.

This Month I received:

Elysambre Eye & Lip Pencil
Elysambre Eye & Lip Pencil
Elysambre eye & lip pencil
This is quite a nice pencil, although a little on the hard side. However I was disappointed with the colour I received, which was 06 and a red-plum colour. It’s a nice colour but I will never wear it on the lips as it is too dark and I certainly won’t wear it on the eyes.

Institut Esthederm tanning cream
Institut Esthederm Bronz Repair Anti-wrinkle tanning cream
I wasn’t entirely sure what this was at first, I thought it might be a face cream, but after reading online, I think it’s a sun block. I already wear a strong daily face block anyway but I will give this a go. However the one thing that has annoyed me about this is that I understand it is a sample, but it is clearly not even half full.

L'occitane Hydration cream
L’occitane Angelica Hydration Cream
Another cream this time, I am going to try this as I’d heard good things about L’occitane and its non-comedogenic supposedly.

Yon-Ka pamplemousse cream
Yon-Ka Pamplemousse Protective and Vitalizing Cream – Normal to Dry skin
Another cream! I was disappointed that this wasn’t tailored to my skin due to the labelling issues, because I would have been really excited to try this. I probably will use it when I have my dermaroller as that is the only time my skin is ever dry, this will just make me a greasy spotty mess any other time.

nail file
Joliebox Nail File
It’s a basic emery board, nothing else to say really.

Overall I’ve been really disappointed with my Jolieboxes the last few months, I was looking forward to the Birthday box and was disappointed with what I received. Although I’ve had a slightly negative experience with Joliebox I would probably say give them a go if you have liked the sounds of the products they have been sending out each month, I have just had a better experience with Glossybox and hopefully soon I will be trying out She Said Beauty. Finally because of the time I unsubscribed I will receive 1 more Joliebox, which I will be reviewing when it arrives.

You can subscribe to Joliebox here