L:A Bruket Wild Rose Hand Cream Review

L:A Bruket Wild Rose Hand Cream
L:A Bruket Wild Rose Hand Cream
L:A Bruket Wild Rose Hand Cream swatch

L:A Bruket Wild Rose Hand Cream – £17.99*

Since I started working in an air conditioned office, I always keep hand cream on my desk, as my hands become so dry and cracked. When I was asked if I would like to try out something from Rooi, a Luxury living website, I picked this Wild Rose Hand Cream by L:A Bruket * as I am always in need of hand care and I quite like the scent of rose.

L:A Bruket is a Swedish brand, which I’d never come across before and their products look very typically Swedish I think, quite simple, and monochrome. My work colleague remarked that my hand cream looked quite medicinal which I suppose it does. The hand cream is in a metal tube which does remind me of old fashioned medicinal type tubes which I quite like

The hand cream itself contains shea butter and coconut oil to moisturise, nourish and protect. It also contains Meadowfoam which is an astringent, as well as being rich in Omega 6 & 9. Comfrey is also an astringent and helps to ease and heal small scratches and sunburn whilst wild rose oil is softening, easily absorbed, nourishing and stimulates cell renewal.

I guess from that description medicinal is right?

When you open it up it is quite heavily scented with rose. It’s quite a light hand cream, so it absorbs quickly and not too greasy, which I love, because when I’m at work if I use one of my heavier hand creams it takes ages to absorb and my hand is sliding all over the mouse.

My initial thoughts were that as it is quite a light cream it wouldn’t be as moisturising as some of my others but I was wrong. It leaves my hands lovely and soft and hydrated for hours and actually my hands do look better than they have done for some time.

The only thing I didn’t like was the scent it left once it had dried. The rose disappears and it’s replaced with a lemony type scent which I think is the citronellol. Unfortunately I don’t like it as it reminds me of those candles you burn to keep insects away.

Another possible sticking point is the price. At £17.99 for 70ml it’s more of a luxury high end hand cream than your bog standard Nivea, but having done some research it’s in the same price bracket as L’Occitane Hand Creams, which I am also a fan of.

Personally I think if I were to purchase this myself I’d possibly opt for one of the other scents in the range. I was tempted by the sage, lavender and rosemary one so I might buy that one for myself in future. The price is a little steep but in the same range as L’Occitane so if you’re more than happy to pay for that then definitely try these out!

* PR Sample


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