La Roche-Posay Serozinc Review

La Roche-Posay Serozinc

La Roche Posay Serozinc (€4.50) is one of those products that becomes so hyped up and the fact you can’t get it over here in the UK makes it all that more valuable. Of course having read countless reviews about it and as I was visiting France, I couldn’t not pick it up!

Serozinc is a Zinc Sulphate solution that comes in a spray can and is used as a toner for oily/problem skin, to soothe razor burn, cleanse superficial skin irritation and prevent and soothe nappy rash.

It’s very light, soothing and cooling so it’s so lovely to spritz on your face. There’s no fragrance or colours and as it’s marketed at also helping irritated skin and babies’ skin you know it’s going to be suitable for sensitive skin. I usually spritz a find mist over my face as a toner at morning and night. I’ve actually noticed I’ve had fewer breakouts as well, but I’m not pinning this solely on Serozinc as I have been trialling a new routine in order to prevent breakouts rather than treat them so it could be coincidence. Nonetheless I love this product.

I was actually really surprised how affordable it was at a reasonable €4.50 for a can. I don’t think I saw any other LRP products either over there or here in England for that price so I was really impressed and of course stocked up so hopefully I’ve got enough to last me until I either go to France again or they decide to bring it out over here.

It’s a pretty good product, it’s probably been overhyped but you have to admit that at €4.50 it’s pretty good value and it personally seems to be working well within my current routine so I shall definitely be stocking up unless they bring this to the UK.


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