Life: Poorly Pete

life update
I’ve been notably absent this week as I’ve been a bit of a poorly Pete. Last Saturday I got a nasty sore throat which resulted in me being off work for a couple of days, then it developed into an equally nasty cold and I’ve been having some difficulty breathing and just generally feeling rubbish.

I’ve not had much chance to post because I haven’t had the patience to write, nor did I think it was really appropriate with me being off work, but I’ve had lots of ideas for posts and been writing up a couple too so hopefully you should enjoy them!

On top of this, Harry has caught what I’ve got and it’s affected him more than me and he’s not been responding to conventional home remedies so this morning we headed down to the walk in centre for some antibiotics. I’m generally on the better side now aside from a horribly flaky red nose and the sniffles and hopefully he should be too once the antibiotics kick in.

Aside from being poorly, I went to a lovely restaurant on Thursday. I felt dreadful and it did taint my experience somewhat but I havent seen my cousin in over a year and wanted to catch up so I reluctantly got dressed up. I did enjoy myself and will do a proper post committed to it.

I received a very exciting package too to try out some makeup, which I’ll be reviewing in the next week. I was meant to pick it up on Wednesday but I’ve honestly been so unwell that going down to the sorting office has been out of the question.

Finally if you follow me on twitter and instagram then you might have seen last week that I won a Little Mistress competition and won a dress and the latest in beauty box which I was ecstatic about. I can’t wait to give all the products inside a go!


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