L’oreal Everpure Colour Care & Volume Conditioner Review

Sulphate free haircare has been around for quite some time, but recently it has come to the forefront of the market, particularly with L’oreal’s range, which is accessible for everyone.
Sulphates are a surfactant, which basically means they are a detergent which help strip your hair of oil and grease. Unfortunately these can cause irritaton to sensitive skin and also fade colour treated hair.

Loreal Everpure

L’Oreal have a few different types in a couple of different ranges. For the Everpure range there is Colour care & Moisture, Colour care & Volume, Colour care & Smoothing.
For Eversleek there is Smoothing & Moisture
For Everstrong there is Reinforcing & Vitality

I saw the range on offer a few weeks ago in Tesco and I was interested in trying a Sulphate free shampoo, but what clinched it for me was that they did a colour care & volume in one! I have fine hair so volume is principally what I look for in a hair product but my hair is also highlighted and every conditioner I use never seems to stop my hair getting ratty after I’ve washed it unless I pile it on, which then makes my hair greasy and I have to wash it again therefore creating a vicious cycle.

It comes in a squeezy bottle so it is easy to control how much product you use and it has botanical oils rosemary and mint. It makes the conditioner smell quite minty but also a little like men’s products, I can’t put my finger on it but it smells like boots botanics for men. It’s also quite thick and creamy so you have to be careful you don’t use too much.

L'Oreal Everpure conditioner

L'Oreal Everpure conditioner
Personally I love this conditioner. It doesn’t smell quite as nice as my herbal essences one but my hair is always insanely soft afterwards without feeling greasy and most importantly for me it makes my hair so much more manageable. I have dry patches of hair on the top of my head which is probably from the fact my hair is blonde and over-processed so after washing and conditioning my hair I still can’t get a brush through that part of my hair without it being all knotty and painful, but somehow this conditioner fixes that. It’s still not perfect but it’s better than my trusty herbal essences has ever done!

The conditioner on its own doesn’t really do much volume wise, however when used in conjunction with the shampoo it does create a volumising effect, but maybe makes your hair a little fluffy.

Rating: 8/10
It doesn’t really do much on its own volume wise but it makes my hair insanely soft and manageable.

L’Oreal Sulphate Free range is from Β£5.99 and is currently on offer at Boots

  1. now am using pantene hair fall control shampoo and conditioner,shall i continue it? or is there any product is the best other than patene to raise the hair grow or volume? now am using matrix seerum,it it cause any effects?

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