Lush Bath Bomb – Ickle Baby Bot Review

Lush Ickle Bath Bot

Lush Baby Bot Bath Bomb

Ickle Baby Bot was one of the first Lush bath products I have tried, and it didn’t disappoint.

Ickle Baby Bot is a bath bomb in the shape of a robot and this one is aimed particularly at babies, who may be sensitive to harsh chemicals in other common bath products. However, despite me not having a little one to try this out on I didn’t mind as I got to try it out on myself.

The ballistic is made of lavender and chamomile which makes it smell is lovely and relaxing without being too overpowering. I did notice however the smell doesn’t really linger so you cant smell it too much whilst relaxing. It also make the water a very pale blue, although I’m sure it may be more intense putting the whole thing in rather than half, as I did. Also another point, if you’re looking for something that makes your bath all bubbly, then I don’t recommend this, it’s more of a bath salts type of product. If you want bubbly bath, I suggest buying bubble bath.

I can’t say I felt particularly tired after it and I couldn’t tell if my skin was any softer if I’m honest but it was a lovely soothing bath and I felt relaxed and pampered after a long soak.

I know some of you may wonder what is the point of purchasing a bath bomb, especially when these come at £1.90 a pop, why not buy a bottle of bubble bath for that price? I would say these are for luxurious special occasions when you really want to go to town and have a relaxing evening.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Lush’s bath bombs. Cost effective? No, but for a special occasion where you want something a little more luxurious than Value Bubble Bath, these are definitely a winner and I’m looking forward to trying more of their bath products.

Ickle Baby Bot can be purchased from Lush for £1.90


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