Manuka Doctor ApiClear Skin Treatment Serum Review

Manuka Doctor ApiClear Skin Treatment Serum
Manuka Doctor ApiClear Skin Treatment Serum
Manuka Doctor ApiClear Skin Treatment Serum

Manuka Honey and Bee Venom have been increasing in popularity this last few years throughout the cosmetic industry, largely in part to celebrities. It’s been known for some time that Manuka Honey has antibacterial properties and it’s thought that bee venom increases blood flow and production of collagen which smooths out lines, wrinkles and scars.

I’d heard about Manuka Doctor quite a while ago when it first arrived in Holland and Barrett and was interested in trying out the products then, but I was slightly hesitant because of the price, and I wasn’t sure it would work. However after a combination of being increasingly frustrated with how slowly my skin was healing in terms of red marks, and 33% off in Superdrug I decided to take the plunge and give it a whirl.

It comes in a pump action bottle and I usually find one pump is more than enough. I really like the scent of this, I can’t put my finger on it but it is something reminiscent of my early years so everytime I catch a whiff it takes me back to being a child. It’s quite a lightweight gel texture rather than a serum which is nice. It also sinks in pretty quickly too so my face isn’t left feeling tacky.

I don’t normally rave about skincare products, because in all honesty I find a lot of them to not live up to their claims. I have oily skin and sometimes I get cystic spots which nothing will touch (short of probably prescription products) so finding something that actually works is always great.

This serum has impressed me. In terms of old scars it’s not really done anything to those, but if 5 rounds of dermaroller can’t shift them I seriously doubt a serum can.
However I’ve noticed my skintone being generally more even and my spots not being as bad. Sometimes I get these horrible big red cystic spots that are hard and never come to a head so I’m just left with this big red lump on my face for like 3 weeks until it heals up and leaves a red mark. However I’m not sure if it’s this serum, or it’s working in tandem with my Skinetica lotion (which is also amazing) to create some super spot fighting team but honestly my huge red horrible spot was gone in a week.

This is definitely going to be repurchased and has earned it’s place in my permanent skincare routine. In fact I’m definitely going to be trying more from the Manuka Doctor range.

Manuka Doctor ApiClear Skin Treatment Serum can be purchased from Superdrug for £13.33.


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