Marc Jacobs Honey

Honey by Marc Jacobs Perfume

Honey is the latest perfume in Marc Jacobs collection and I must admit that because I loved Dot so much, I was eager to get my hands on it.
I got a tester back in October and loved it so much I immediately added it to my Christmas list. I was thrilled when I received it for Christmas but when I spritzed it on for the first time, I wasn’t sure as it had been so long since I’d tested it. However it’s definitely grown on me and I love wearing it now.

Honey’s packaging is remarkably similar to its sister Dot, with a yellow polka dot bottle and decorated with honey bees. I love the packaging, it looks divine on my dressing table next to Dot and it’s such a bright sunny bottle, which makes it stand out.

The scent itself is lovely and fresh and quite floral. The top notes of pear and mandarin hit you first (which I think is what threw me on Christmas day) but quickly softens and blends into a lovely floral, with honeysuckle and orange blossom coming through. Although it’s called Honey, don’t be fooled it’s not really sickly sweet. In fact the honey comes through so subtly on the base notes, which is wonderful. In fact the best way to describe the smell is imagine it’s a warm summers day and you’re walking through a place where the bees are pollinating the flowers and you can smell the honeysuckle in the breeze.

The staying power is good as well and will last you a good few hours so you’re not forever needing to douse yourself in perfume.

I’ve worn this almost constantly since Christmas because I love it so much. If you’re a fan of Dot then I think you might like this, but if you’re looking for a cheerful sunny scent to get you through the upcoming warm months, it’s definitely worth trying out.

Marc Jacobs Honey Eau de Parfum can be purchased from Boots and Perfume shops starting at £46.99 for 50ml

    1. Dot’s lovely isn’t it! it was deffo my love for that which made me want to try Honey and i’m glad I did! x

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