Mavala Black Cherry Nail Polish Review

Mavala Black Cherry Polish
Mavala Black Cherry Polish

A few months ago I developed a deep red-black nail polish obsession, inspired by someone I’d seen wearing the most beautiful blood red polish. Although I would have usually gone for my beloved Essie polishes, I opted for something different and perused the Mavala counter in Boots, where I found this gem called Black Cherry.

Mavala have got the name absolutely spot on with Black Cherry as it is exactly the colour of a black cherry, dark almost black but as it catches the light a beautiful purpley red with flecks of shimmer.

The brush is quite small and thin in comparison to other polishes, but it’s quite easy to use. The nail polish dries quite quickly, so you won’t be sitting around waiting for it to dry, but the bad news is it’s not a one coat wonder, and does need a second coat to get the best from this polish.

The only downfall of this seemingly beautiful polish is the wear time. It’s crap! with a capital C. Now I know nail polish wear time is crap for me anyway, I’m not sure what I do to make them chip in next to no time, but this polish is exceptionally rubbish on my nails, I’m talking less than a day and I’m chipped to high heaven!

I love this nail polish, it’s a beautiful colour, but the wear time is just rubbish, so I will be continuing my hunt for the perfect dark red polish.

Mavala Black Cherry can be purchased from for £4.30 from Boots Website


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