Maxfactor Fantasy Fire Nail Polish Review

Maxfactor Fantasy Fire Polish
Maxfactor Fantasy Fire Polish
Maxfactor Fantasy Fire Polish

Fantasy Fire is a nail polish I’ve been meaning to purchase for a while. It’s a gorgeous bluey purple with flecks of red, green and gold, which make it a really unique polish.

It goes on fairly easily, but the formula is very thin and as a result it is very sheer, so I needed 3 coats in order to achieve a fairly opaque look. As someone who gets quite impatient just doing two coats, this was a little disappointing so this polish may not be for everyone. On the plus side, as it was so thin it did dry fairly quickly.

Durability wise, it’s extremely poor, which I’m disappointed about. I applied 3 coats and a topcoat and it had chipped by the next day and after 3 days only 3 nails still had minimal wear, 5 had chipped fairly badly and 2 had completely come off.

It is a lovely polish and a great addition to your collection. However it is quite sheer and you do need 3 coats to achieve an opaque look. It’s also crap wearability, so I’d suggest layering this on top of another polish to add a new twist rather than wearing it on its own.

Maxfactor Fantasy Fire can be purchased from drugstores for £3.99


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