My Favourite Snacks

I think the main point of a diet is to watch what you’re putting in your mouth and how much, am I right? I tend to have 3 meals and 2 snacks a day, any more and I’m not really eating because I’m hungry it’s through boredom, tiredness, greediness, whatever else you can think of.
Because I have an office job I have a routine, so I tend to get peckish around 11am and 5pm and this is when I reach for my favourite low point snacks.

I love fruit, I could eat fruit all day, in fact I do. I usually have between 4-6 pieces (I bet you’re like wow how do you actually fit in that many pieces of fruit) but it’s easy really, I have two pieces on my breakfast usually, then an apple mid morning, then melon as part of my lunch, then maybe a pear or orange in the afternoon.

Nutella on toast
If I’m craving something chocolatey and with substance then I will have a slice of granary bread with a teaspoon of nutella for 3 points.

Mini Babybel
Mini Babybel Light
I love babybel and the mini light ones are only 1 point each, so technically you could have 2 or 3…

I love sugar free jelly and with it being free it means I can have a huge helping with a bit of yoghurt for a really good snack.

Popcorn is also a really healthy and filling snack. I like the ones from Graze boxes, which are typically just 3 points for the whole bag.


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