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It may seem one of the stranger posts I’ve done but it came to me with a flash of inspiration so go with me on this. As I’ve said before I enjoy cooking and I’m always perusing BBC Good Food, Weight Watchers or delving into my cookbooks to get meal ideas, so I thought I’d share with you some of my most thumbed cookbooks.

1. Jamie’s 15 minute meals
This is a really recent addition to my collection, I dithered over it for some time but after flicking through my mum’s and my auntie’s countless times folding over pages of recipes I liked, I decided to take the plunge and pick up my own copy. I love this cookbook because I have a secret soft spot for Jamie Oliver, but also because these are super quick meals, which for someone who really can’t be bothered most evenings to cook is a godsend. Sure it doesn’t take me “15 minutes” probably closer to half an hour but that’s still pretty quick for me! Also I like that he puts the nutritional information on his recipes so I can choose ones that won’t be too taxing on my waistline.

2. The Hairy Dieters Eat for Life
I really like the Hairy Bikers so when they embarked on a diet, complete with cookbook, it definitely piqued my interest. I haven’t got the first or their third one but this one is really good. I’ve already tried out numerous recipes including the baked cod with chorizo crust and I can say it’s yummy! I think I might have to check out their new one soon.

3. Nutella- The 30 Best Recipes
This one’s pretty new too and I first took a shining to it last Christmas as someone got it for a gift for their friend. I absolutely love Nutella (who doesn’t?) so I’m excited to try out some of the more obscure recipes in there- I’ve already got Nutella rice pudding down!

4. I Quit Sugar
A complete contradiction to my previous book but I do try and eat cleanly the majority of the time, otherwise I would be the size of a house so I decided to pick this up to see what all the fuss was about. I’m definitely more intrigued by the snacks, the chia seed pudding is delicious and the chickpeas are next on my list to try, but I’m definitely not into the faff with the activated nuts and that, I’m a working woman for goodness sake!

5. The Wagamama Cookbook
This one I probably dip into the least of them all as it requires some quite specialised ingredients but I still think it looks quite swish on my bookshelf, ha! Harry and I both love Wagamamas – especially the chilli squid! so when we discovered they did a cookbook we decided it definitely had to be picked up. I don’t know why I don’t pick this up more because I love their food, the miso soup is really good and I love the ebi katsu.

6. Magazines
Ok so these are technically not cookbooks but I’m always flicking through them for recipes so I think they count! I really love reading these each month they’re always full of great recipes and the Weight Watchers one always spurs me on when I’m feeling a bit demotivated with my weight loss.

What recipe books do you regularly delve into?

    1. Haha it is soo good! especially if you’re a bit of a nutella fiend. It was only a couple of quid too, definitely worth picking up!! They’re soo good aren’t they, it doesn’t feel like you’re having really healthy food when you’re making their stuff but you are and it’s lovely and filling x

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